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50 Great Ways To Increase Quality Backlink’s for Your website

When someone ask us about SEO, we say we know about it, and when a new release is made on SEO we run to read about it. So coming to off site SEO, we focus on Backlinking, specially to boost your results in search engine. As in earlier days, Black Hat SEO used to rule the SERP results but after the major Google Penguin Algorithm Update, everything went wrong or may be Right.

Previous we used to say, Quantity Backlink helps to Rank higher, but now we shout Quality Backlinks automatically Rank Higher

SO, why we need to improve backlinks, simple to rank higher in search results & pull more traffic like a magnet. This 50 Great Ways To Increase Quality Backlink, will definitely make you stand out of the crowd only if you follow it. Even Neil Patel of Quick Sprout says to build Quality Backlinks and even Brian Dean of backlinko shows how to use the moving man method to create backlinks

The proven way to Increase Quality Backlink

Infographic may take some time to load…. please be paitent.

Ways To Increase Quality Backlink 50 Great Ways To Increase Quality Backlinks for Your website

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Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress Security Plugins

You may be wondering about the security of your wordpress blog, and wanted a top best & free wordpress security plugins to maintain your WordPress Security. So after researching and trying each and every plugin on our another website which we use for testing reasons and trying new things, and after a deep research and finding the best plugins among them.

If you are thinking why you need security , then let me explain to you. WordPress is the most popular CMS & the most targeted CMS & Blogs in the whole world. The types of attack that happen of wordpress are XSS, Scripts Vulnerablity, Brute Force and many more..

The best part is that we have included every type of wordpress security plugin, from backend to frontend. Means this list of plugins are going to safe guard your blog from back of your users visibility , means attacks from bots or hackers and also protect your blog from front end like spammers and spamming auto bots.

So getting started with you, and including each plugin we found useful with their descriptions and how they work. Here are the Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins.


akismettricks2blogging blogging Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

Akismet is a free wordpress Plugin that protects your wordpress blog on the front end by stopping spamming users and their comments getting spread in your posts and website. Akismet is like a ointment for your blog to get rid of the unwanted comments and spam links, it takes the pain from you of editing or moderating the comments.

As we know that it can get a hell break out if we don’t have the akismet working for us. As the automated bots can paste atleast 3 spam comments with spam links in your blog in a minute, So just imagine in an hour. At first you will jump out in joy that you are getting traffic but it won’t take any longer to change your joy into pain, finding out that its not traffic, its SPAM.

Learn: How to setup Akismet for your wordpress and get rid of SPAMS. [ Video Tutorial ]



wanguard tricks2blogging wordpress security plugins Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

Protect yourself from sploggers or spam users, don’t allow them to fill up your data base and register and start abusing your wordpress blog . The sploggers or spam users can force you to remain more busy on moderating things and force your blog on consuming its all resources. Moreover famous Blogs allow guest posting, even Tricks2Blogging provides guest posting and this sploggers are in a chance to register and post their spam posts on our blog and get traffic redirected to their websites and sales page.

WanGuard ones activated in your wordpress blog, regularly checks for sploggers on your wordpress users database and once found blocks them and informs you. Moreover the best function that we like is that WangGuard protects each blogs by using the latest information from its database and check for sploggers by using the information provided by administrators who inform Sploggers from all over the world.

You would Like to Read: How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics, Video & Examples]


Better WP Security

better wp security Tricks2Blogging.com  Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your BlogThis Plugin is the guru of all the wordpress security plugins now available on the Internet. This plugin comes in 2 variants for your blog, Free and Pro, which is basically paid. This plugin dramatically provides more than 30+ ways of strengthening your wordpress blog.

As by a research, it has been found that more than 47000 WordPress sites are hacked daily because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software. You can’t focus on everything at once, like blogging, researching, marketing and your wordpress security. But for now you can leave your wordpress security on this plugin and reset without worrying.

Some of the best features in this plugin are as follows:-

  • 2 step verification for your blog users login,
  • password expiration,
  • malware scanning,
  • users tracking,
  • dashboard stats,
  • GEOIP banning,
  • Generate Strong Passwords,
  • Many many more…..


Limit Login Attempts

limit login attempts Tricks2Blogging.com  Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is a little stupid, when it comes to user login. It allows unlimited login attempts if your credentials are not right, and for hackers or spammers who are trying to get access to your blog would absolutely like this feature and would assign an bot to keep trying login until it get access to the Admin panel.

But fortunately this plugin gets that part secured and holds all the bad guys beyond that line as it provides 3 attempts to login to your admin panel. No matter whether you are an Admin , Editor, Registered user or Subscribers you get the same option when you try to login.

It gives you the option of setting the number of tries and the lockout period, and also records each stats of wrong attempts.


Wordfence [ Backend ]

wordfence Tricks2Blogging.com  Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog


Wordfence is the only Plugins that scans in live and deals in real-time distributed protection and is the only wordpress security plugins that scans your core files, themes files and plugins to scan for any malware scripts or any other. It also allows you to block the Ip’s of the scammers and hackers.

Wordfence shows bots crawler on real time, bots like google crawler and scrappers or any other else. It adds even more security with the two step login, country blocking, performance setup and scan schedule


Remove Admin User

Many times when you install wordpress via your control panel like cPanel or any other provided by your hosting company. It automatically creates a user with the Admin as name, as Admin name is much more guessed and hackers favourite when it comes to attack and find some name.

Just deleting or changing the name from Admin to any other reduces about 60% of hackers attacks to your blog.  A new safer approach is to create a Administrator privilege user with any other name and just use that user for maintaining your website, and create another user with Author or Editor privilege for writing post and sharing in public.

To do the above process, just follow this steps

Login to WordPress admin panel
Go to Users -> Add New
Add a new user with Administrator role, make sure you use a strong password using numbers, symbols, Lower & capital letters.

Next Create another user, which you will be using to write post or create pages that will be visible in public with “Author” or “Editor” privilege.
Log out of WordPress, re-login with your new admin user.
Go to Users
Remove “admin” user
If “admin” have posts, remember to attribute all posts and links back to the new user.



Make use of this plugins & keep your themes and plugins up to date. Follow blogs that provide regular updates and news about wordpress and guides users to use the latest and best ways technology for their blogs

How to Install WordPress Blog on your Hosting in 2 Minutes

Have you ever wondered that you could install WordPress in your Hosting make it LIVE within 2 minutes? Well it may not seem like an exciting and a breaking News for you or may be, but if you have got a Linux hosting panel with a cPanel on it or whatever panels your Hosting company provides, you can install wordpress by yourself within 2 minutes like an expert, without paying a penny for this services to freelancer, a company or your Hosting provider.

Inorder to save you time I have analyzed all the methods that can be used to install wordpress with any hosting providers. Well as WordPress is based on PHP, CSS and the database is based on MySql, I think you have choosed the right Hosting, i.e: Linux Hosting. If you have not purchased any Hosting Yet, you can grab one from this two popular hosting providers – Godaddy or you can also go for Bluehost.

Here What I have Learned and want to share with you so you don’t end up killing your time, resources and money.

How to install wordpress

Well I assume that you have a perfect domain for your wordpress blog, if for any reason you don’t have a perfect domain then this post will definitely help you ” How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics, Videos & Examples] “.

Now as you have got the perfect domain, and good hosting that full fills your necessity, you should check whether your domain is on root of your hosting server or as an Add-on domain on your hosting.  This step is necessary because if its a root domain your wordpress is going to install in the root of your hosting & it its an add-on then you have to choose the installation folder and the ftp username.

After completing the above steps & process, all you need to do is to login to your Hosting panel, which ill be your cPanel. After successful login, you will find wordpress on top of your hosting panel or under application browser.


how to install wordpress 1  How to Install WordPress Blog on your Hosting in 2 Minutes


Click the wordpress icon > Install this Application & you will be proceeded to enter some Admin & Database Credentials.

how to install wordpress tricks2blogging 2  How to Install WordPress Blog on your Hosting in 2 Minutes


Choose your domain and fill the details as you like.

Wordpress Installation Settings Tricks2Blogging  How to Install WordPress Blog on your Hosting in 2 Minutes


A New Approach – How To install WordPress

There are many softwares installed on different hosting providers to install any CMS and other scripts, like softaculous, Simple scripts, Fantastico or you may heard of FTP and many thing else. But the interesting part is by any of the methods, you can install and has the same way to accomplish.

WordPress don’t requires lots of setting or details to be entered for installing on any hosting panel. As we use Godaddy for our hosting, we have a very good feature that other hosting don’t provide is automatic backups. As you know wordpress runs on PHP & js and is there is any vulnerability, hackers can turn into it and can delete your website database or something. So in this case the backups are very useful.


How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics & Examples]

Dreaming About how to Get Register a Perfect Domain

You should know one thing before getting your own domain, Its your brand name on which you will build your own business. You domain name will resemble the business you do. Seriously some people take this process as a shit and picks any domain name that comes on their mind.  With just a small thinking, that you find suitable for your blog without researching it, is a waste of time and money, You can recover money but not time, and more you loose the Efforts that you take to build your so called perfect domain.How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics & Examples]

Today where more than 1000+ Blogs are registered everyday, your blog and easily be lost within them.

So what to do to avoid them, and register a perfect domain. Follow this Tips:


Choosing the Perfect domain name that suits your type.

Before you head over to register a domain of yours, put considerable time & efforts on choosing the perfect domain that your audience is going to remember.

  1. What ever type o domain you want, but you must opt for .com .
  2. If you want your domain to be like [ EG: instagr.am, with .am as an extension }  buy it but redirect {301 redirect } it to instagram.com ] 
  3. Keep it simple & neat, make it easier for your visitor to memorise it without putting any efforts.
  4. Don’t use any hyphen in domain. Visitors do forget any hyphen you use.
  5. Choose the domain name that resemble your blog. [ Like in our case, We provide Tricks, Guide tutorials for Blogging, SEO, backlinking, then our domain name resembles it : Tricks2Blogging ]
  6. Oh! Length does matter. Don’t buy domain names like www.HowToMakeMoneyFromBlogging.com, Thats stupid. You may want to choose something like BlogMoney.com, MakeMoney.com, MoneyBlogging.com etc.
  7. Choose generic domain name, Like if you sell used bike, Buy UsedBikes.com, instead of bikes.com.



Register a Perfect Domain to get a perfect branding

Branding is just a name on which you build your goodwill. And higher the goodwill, the higher you earn, check wikipedia for full definition. Thousands of starters make mistakes on choosing a wrong brand name, which you should definitely avoid doing.

Just check your brain, do you forget the brand name like Google, facebook, twitter etc, i could certainly say “NO”, you can’t forget that brands. So you should focus on name that catches eye quickly,  Yeah! when i say eye-catchy, don’t run for CatchyEyesBlog.com or something similar, take a look again at google, how simple it is, but now its dominating the entire web, ranking at No. #1.



Now i won’t say that keywords play a vital role, but it plays role to some extent. As google keep updating their algorithm, you can’t certainly say that what will happen next. Using keywords in your domain name is beneficial for Search engines, Oh! its not just limited to search engines, its effective on humans too.

But its hard to get the perfect keyword in your domain nowadays as many user to make their luck or earn huge money by selling their domains. Check this Bloggers who used keywords in their domain

Blogger’s Name [ OWNER ]

Pat Flynn

Passive Income

Brain Dean


Niraj Kashyap




Add yourself

your website

your keyword

So polish your Brain use your creativity & get your domain with keyword in it. Take a pen & paper and try all combination & search for it whether it has been registered or not.

Video Tutorial


Social Media

Here comes the trick, as I have said you earlier to note the combination of domains in a paper, now heres the trick. before registering and buying the domain, search for the exact phrase in social networks. You should check the availability in social networks before Register a Perfect Domain. Here’s an example,

Like you want a domain and your keyword is weight loss, So from 20 combination you found these 2 favourable

  • QuickWeightloss.com
  • WeightLossTips.com

Now you have two exact phrase, QuickWeightloss &  WeightLossTips. Try to search in social networks that is that phrase is available or someone has taken it. I mean like facebook.com/WeightLossTips, facebook.com/QuickWeightLoss.com. try doing the same in other social networks like twitter, Pinterest, youtube, etc.

We Assume that we got the WeightLossTips as Available. The first thing you should do is get e email by that name [[email protected]] and register on fb,twitter etc with the name WeightLossTips. As soon as this step is completed rush to some good domain providers and buy your domain : WeightLossTips.com [in this case].

Buy your domain from Godaddy or Bluehost. they provide great discounts



This is where you should make your website more expandable, it you are going to get a domain for a network, organisation, information service or something, then get the .net, .org, .info. So if your blog is about some organisation then get .org.

Just checkout the envato.com, they have got a network of marketplace for themes, codes, plugin, 3D models, sounds, videos, etc they have registered both the .com & .net for their domains. Try visiting themeforest.net & themeforest.com. you will notice that themeforest.com gets redirected to themeforest.net.

But .com is a plus point and mostly preferred by everyone because most of the users/visitors would type .com without thinking about it, that was it .org or .com.



There are thousands of registrar on the web offering you registration at very less discounts and more. But they could also be scam or if not, they won’t provide good DNS manager, support, features or response time. We recommend going for Godaddy, Bluehost or hostgator, we are recommending this as we have personal experience with them, and in case if you need any extra help we are there and even their great support.

To make your work easier for searching domain, I have integrated a domain search tool below from bluehost, If a domain is available in bluehost, you can buy if from Bluehost or either from your domain provider

BCA 263 RELAUNCH AFF LOGO TAG GRN 728x906 How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics & Examples]

Conclusion – BUY your Domain

 Buy your domain from Godaddy or Bluehost. they provide great discounts. They provide excellent support, features & good DNS manager

Tips and Tricks To Increase Adsense Earnings

Tips and Tricks To Increase Adsense Earnings

Hi I am Niraj Kashyap, blogging, Designing and Helping you folks is my passion, I share my thoughts with you all on this blog to help you indirectly or directly and in the previous post i have described why Adsense is the best ads network and now is the second most asked, questioned and discussed topic is How to Increase Adsense Earnings.

Important Facts:

To increase your Adsense earning you must have a quality post/article or any information that other people may seek on the net. Also you must have the adsense code of the perfect size placed at perfect position with perfect color. Yah it may hear you difficult and you may think how could I do all that work – So called PERFECT.

So inorder to help you accomplish a higher earning in Adsense from $30 to $100 a day, we have done a research for almost 3 months and finally got this results. Some of the blogger have shared that they are earning from $150 to $300 a day, and managed to crack the code of higher earning in Adsense.

The Ultimate Guide To Increase Adsense Earnings

Tips Tricks to increase adsense earning By tricks2Bogging.com  Tips and Tricks To Increase Adsense Earnings

Share on your social media to grab attention, Try it out…

Do It Yourself –  Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue / Earnings :

Well everywhere on the Internet and many blogs they say,

Number of Direct Visits + Your Blog Ads = Amount of Revenue/Money Earned.

But thats not true and not even 1% when it comes to Adsense Advertising, WHY - there are lots of factors which affects your earnings, Here are the reasons:

  • Placement of Ads Code.
  • Ads Type.
  • Ads CPC. [Most Important]
  • Traffic Source.
  • Visitors Device.
  • Daily Organic Traffic and pageviews and Ads impression and Clicks.

Ads Size and Placements

This is one of the reason why you have a high CTR or Low CTR and the placement of ads plays a major role in your. As now websites have more pageviews by mobile and hand held devices than of laptop and computer. Moreover website themes has turned into responsive and so should be ads be of perfect size. So ads size and placement should be perfect inorder

  • 728 x 90 – Leaderboard
  • 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle
  • 320 x 50 – Mobile Banner
  • 300 x 600 – Large Skyscraper
  • 300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle
  • Responsive [Recommended]

We found out that the best Ads size code is the responsive ads, as with just one ads code placed on your website, it adapts to its circumstances whether it is viewed on PC, laptop or Hand held devices…

 Plugin to Increase your earning

To place the ads automatically between the post without hard coding or doind it manually in function.php or anything else, Open your wordpress admin & add new plugin, search for Google Publisher Plugin and install it. Next step is to open and authorize it and place the ads code where ever you like.

The best thing about this plugin is that, it gives you the flexibility to choose the ads place on different pages, Like different placements of ads for Homepage, post page, archives, categories , search etc.

Other Adsense Products

You can significantly increase your earning from adsense by applying for Adsense for search and Youtube, If you make a lot of videos and upload it to youtube then you should definitely try the Adsense for youtube, where you can make thousands just by uploading videos.

On the other hand if your blog is popular and full of quality contents that people search for you must opt-in for adsense for search and replace your default search with the adsense search. Where every search will show ads above your search results and add some dollars in your account.

To View the complete Adsense guide, Visit this guide page : The Google Adsense Guide

How To Change The Size of Comments Gravatar in Genesis Theme

Running Genesis and everything is on track, and just want to customise the size of the comments gravatar in genesis theme, Or want to make is more bigger and clear than it usually comes with the theme you bought or to make it small to match up with your custom design.

Now as Of continuing the Top 25 Incredible Genesis customisation, we have now brought you the comment Gravatar size customisation guide. To change the size of the Gravatar [ Users Image ], you must have Administrative privileges.

Now head over to your wordpress Admin dashboard > Appearance > Editor > function.php . Now add the below line before any comment in function.php, Comments Start with // in function.php

The Codes to Change The Size of Comments Gravatar in Genesis

// Change the  Size of Comments Gravatar in Genesis
add_filter( 'genesis_comment_list_args', 'child_comment_list_args' );
function child_comment_list_args( $args ) {
return array( 'type' => 'comment', 'avatar_size' => 72, 'callback' => 'genesis_comment_callback' );

After successfully integrating the codes in your function.php and checking your sites Comments Gravatar size, you may mind to change the size of the gravatar to make it fit as you like. So to accomplish your desired size, you must change the number 72 to any number that you want.  The number 72 is assigned to ‘avatar_size’ => 72, . Here 72 refers to 72px [pixels], Use the accurate size that you want or you can test the size using Firebug extension which comes for Firefox.

If you have got any better customisation for Genesis Themes, you can embed it to our website with a backlink from our specific posts. Comment below to add your customisation, and we will automatically update our post to suit yours choice. Also if you have got any queries or stucked into any problem, leave a comment below.

Tricks2Blogging Forum – Best Bloggers Forum & Blogger Community

TRICKS2BLOGGING.COM Launched Forum – Best Bloggers Forum & Blogger Community

Tricks2Blogging.com is a Blog that Niraj Kashyap just debuted in September, a Year ago, and after a huge success of his blog he started a forum where every blogger and website owners can discuss on different topics and learn and distribute their contents. The Best thing is that Tricks2Blogging.com/forum also features quality backlinking and SEO Guides. The cool thing about this forum is that it’s all about blogging, and comes for free, with NO charges and no spams.

Visit the Best Bloggers Forum : Click Here

Here are the few sections of the forum, just to give you a sneak peek:

  • Blog Promotion / Finding Readers
  • SEO
  • Making Money with Your Blog
  • Writing Content
  • Blog Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Autoblog Bots
  • Blog Design
  • Tutorials
  • General Chit Chat
  • Adsense Tricks & Guides
  • Review my Blog
  • Blog Marketing
  • Buy and Sell Domains.

We have just started a day ago, and some users have even registered with us and started flooding the forum. So we all [ Team Tricks2Blogging ] invites you to joint the Forum and start blogging like a professional and be supercharged and pull more traffic from our forum.

Also We have announced that we are looking for more members that could be Trust worthy, as we are planning to make them our Moderators, Managers, Content managers, Spam controllers, and all this members will have more benefits as we will allow them to have high page rank backlinks from our website.

We are also thinking to start a VIP Section and a Pro Marketing section where registered users/VIP members can SEll their contents, guides, tricks and many thing or share it for free for some exchange. If you are interested on creating a vip lounge, we can help you on that as the first 100 members who are interested to join and share content on VIP area will get free access, but after the 100 members are completed, the vip members will setup a fee to join the VIP lounge as they think, which should be appropriate.

You can find me there under the username: Halloween   Tricks2Blogging Forum   Best Bloggers Forum & Blogger Community as Super Moderator on the Forum.




Don’t Join Just to Promote Your Own Site. If you go into these forums and just link back to your website without providing any quality content or asking relevant questions, you’ll get kicked out. Please, don’t do that. Our Team will kick you out as we dont want spammers on our Forum, we will provide backlink to only those members who are capable to share quality contents.. Posting several links at one time will get you automatically banned.

Utilize Your Signature, we have enabled the signature function. To promote your site, or add a banner that shows your site adverts, you can simply place a link within the signature portion of your profile. Your signature gets shown in every post you write, so if you interest people with what you have to say, they’ll click over to your site.

Read the Rules Before Posting. Each forum has their own set of rules and regulations, so take a moment to read them. They are usually posted as a “sticky post” in the very top of the forum.

Start any thread you want, its free..

Help Other People in Need. If you come across a thread or post that asks a question that you know the answer to, respond! That’s what keeps the forum alive, and remember – each time you post, your signature gets shown. If you totally blow people’s minds with your answers, other people will notice, and you’ll get some clicks to your own site. And helping people get you reputation, which will promote your to the next level of user group, means you can be the most RESPECTED and TRUSTY [Trust worthy] members and the benefit is you can show your own ads [integrate ads code] under each of your post on the Forum, and can add your website backlink directly on the menu of our website

Be a part of the community, but don’t forget about your primary goals!

How To Genesis Theme Customisation Guide

How To Change Search Box Text in Genesis Theme – Genesis Search Box

Change Genesis search box text

As continuing to customise further we have now created the script to change the text in the placeholder of the search box. To have full guide of Genesis Theme customisation, visit the Genesis Customisation Guide – A step by step Review. Now today we bring you the genesis search box 

How To Genesis Theme Customisation Guide  How To Change Search Box Text in Genesis Theme   Genesis Search Box

You can customize the search form input box text if you wish you change the default search text Search this website… text by adding this below part of the code to your functions.php

/** Customize search form input box text */
add_filter( 'genesis_search_text', 'custom_search_text' );
function custom_search_text($text) {
    return esc_attr( 'Search Genesis-Tips' );

Here is a demo in an image, Showing the default text that comes with the theme and the customized

search button before How To Change Search Box Text in Genesis Theme   Genesis Search BoxAfter:

search button after How To Change Search Box Text in Genesis Theme   Genesis Search Box

Full list of customisation is available here, at http://dziredstudios.com/t2b2015/genesis-theme-customisation-guide/

how to increase traffic to your blog

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog by Tomorrow Morning

A Brief Guide To How to increase traffic to your blog

Are you not getting the Traffic that you want. Always dreamed of how to increase traffic to your blog and scrambling the Internet for Tips to Increase Your Traffic, Now its time to stop that scrambling process and get to the main idea. As Google updated their Algorithm recently popularly known as Panda and Pigeon Update, which dramatically shook the SEO and the SEO tactics followed by many of the website whether it includes Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO or the White Hat SEO. So whether you are publishing Quality content with Quantity, but there is a Secret Art of Publishing content that grabs the Attention of the people and Increase Your Traffic by Tomorrow Morning.  So what are you waiting for…

Secret Art of Writing Contents

3 Levels to increase traffic to your blog. 


  • Use Conversation words: Unlike others just publishing quality and quantity contents for increasing Traffics, Make use of “I” and “You” and they catch the readers attention and get them into conversation with your blog.
  • Make Paragraphs but Short: We recommend you to use paragraphs, but not long ones. Why? Have You ever been to any simple News site or to any website that have much bigger para’s that are valuable, but the question comes, ” Are you interested in reading those fat para’s”.
  • Keep it Simple: Keeping you content simple doesn’t means it won’t Increase Traffic or you are not a capable author. Always remember that the visitor is there for acquiring the knowledge he wants, he ‘s not for your Fancy words.
  • Post more frequently: According to Neil Patel of QuickSprout found that by posting high-quality posts 6x per week, blog traffic increased by 18.6% [501,573 visits/month]. So keep regular posting any BOOM you traffic.
  • Use Relevant Keywords: Make use of the keywords that are relevant to your post/article. Don’t shit like old-school keyword spamming, that not going to help you
  • Sub-Heading: Create a eye-catch content by turning you sub-heading into ” H2 or H3″. H2 Recommended, as not only it just grabs the visitors attention but its search friendly too.
  • Use Official Social Accounts: As soon as you write your content and publish it, remember to publish it to the the Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc but post only to the Official Accounts as social networks are to indexed and appear in the search results.
  • Make a Google+ Profile: If you are a Author then remember to publish the content to your Google+ profile, As Google Authorship has been removed but not the search index. Google+ have 50% more chances to appear in search results than any other social networks. As like Niraj Kashyap publishes his every post on his Google+ profile.


How to Increase traffic to your blog by tomorrow morning How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog by Tomorrow Morning



The 2nd Level on How to increase traffic to your blog.

  • Images Speaks: Use Good pictures or Infographics in you content as pictures speaks 1000 words in itself and if its infographics then may 100,000.
  • Create a Forum: Create a forum for your website/Blog, as many times visitors want to discuss with other visitors and this will absolutely increase your traffic
  • B, I, U : Use Bold , Italic and Underline in your post and and make your keywords reveal in Bold and Italic and make the links and important points Bold and Underlined.
  • Be a Story Teller:  Every human loves story and if you narrate the entire post/article like a story, the reader will have much clear concept at the end of the post and would like enjoying reading post and the related ones.
  • Share Stats: Sharing stats or statistical data in a post relevant to that. Hiding you stats won’t benefit you as readers won’t sow their interest to those who hides information from them.
  • Use Numbers & Eye-Catching Words in Title: It has been found that Numbers and some special words grabs attention much more than any other Title. Like : 10 Ways … , 25 Ways… , How To …  , Step By Step … , etc
  • Guest Posts on Relevant Sites: Guest posting on blogs that are relevant to your site will significantly boost your traffic by 12%. But avoid spamming and use of links more than 2 in posts, specially if you are Guest posting. As even Tricks2Blogging lets Guest Blogger post their articles on our site and have a qualified and Spam free backlink.



The Final Level on How to increase traffic to your blog.

  • Trending: Check Google Trending and see whats latest and Trending and Blog on it if its possible for you as Trending Keywords and contents can bring a surprised amount of Traffic from Search Results.
  • Be Quick & Alert: Always Check for Events that are Happening around the web and be alert on it. As at the time of launch of Apple iphone6 and iPhone 6+ , we have launched a post about it and it brought an Additional 5000+ Unique Visits on our blog.
  • Respond To Comments: A good author or blogger will respond to the comments within a few hours. This is essential as it build relationship between you and your commentators and keep them engaging to your blog and keep commenting.
  • Answer Questions: Try answering questions on Yahoo Answers or similar sites and answer questions that are relevant to your niche.
  • Interview: Interview some of the great and famous bloggers and Inspirational persons as they may share their interviews on their website which will definetly increase your Traffic.



As Neil said in his blog Creating great content is only half the battle. Promoting it is the other half. And we absolutely agree with it as ” Contents Are Great only if they are Shared as Great” – Niraj Kashyap.
So keep tailoring and following this 3 Level Steps on How to increase traffic to your blog and keep checking this post as we may UPDATE the content and Add some more steps in it, which will boost your Traffic by tomorrow morning. So we recommend you to Bookmark it and add you reactions/feedback and does this step helped you .

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Why Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Network For Your Website - Tricks2Blogging

Why Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Network For You

Google Adsense Is The Best

Today we are living in a digital world and we are connected through the internet for 24 hours and seeks solutions for our problem on Internet rather than seeking help from someone. So many people have created their blogs either to help, to get fame or to earn money. So whether it be on your mind to earn money or not but to cover up your server and maintenance cost you should have money and the best way for you to earn through your blog and websites is through Advertisements.

We all know how much companies and startups invest in advertising to grab the attention of yours and convert them to customers and subscribers. There are several Advertising networks that you can choose from like Chitika, BuySellAds, Infolinks, viglinks and many other, but the play is to choose the best from it. We all know how good is google products and Adsense is a google product which shows contextual ads.


Why Adsense, not Other Networks

If you have visited forums or blogs that deals in hacking, traffic generating or illegal music download, you may have seen that they too have ads on their website which frustrates us by their popups, sudden surprises, claiming you won something, or your pc is infected. Thats where you loose Money, Traffic and your valuable customers and subscribers.

But when it comes to Adsense, it shows the ads you are interested. Just for example You are searching and reading about the iPhone 6 Plus then the adsense will shows ads based on iPhone on other website where Ads are adsense powered. The Ads that will be shown to you will be of your choice and interest which is done by collecting cookies, and this means when any visitors visits your blog and see the ads about their interest, they click it = More clicks = More $$$ .


Easy to setup On your Website.

Adsense is really easy to setup, as easy that your 6 years old kid can do it. Don’t believe me right, Read this post:-  How and Where to Add Adsense Codes for Increasing Income.


Valuable Website is Adsense approved

You should probably know that adsense don’t approve all the websites that want to show adsense ads, I mean Adsense approves only those websites that has got valuable and unique contents and don’t use any Black Hat SEO, Backlink building or anything to generate traffic and get views.

As you know Quality Screams Louder than Quantity.

So if your website is showing Adsense Ads, you know know what it means and meanwhile Tricks2Blogging.com also shows Adsense ads.


One Account Several Websites

The best feature that we love about adsense is under one account [Approved] you can show the ads on several websites and we guaranteed that You will love it too. Yes, once you get your adsense account approved for hosted content, means websites you own, you can paste the ads code on all the website you own. Not like other ads network where you have to get approved for each and every website to show the ads.

Just keep in mind one thing that you follow the Adsense TOS for every website where you paste the Adsense Code, or you will the word – BANNED.



The support for Adsense is fabulous, unlike other Advertising Networks where you have to submit a ticket or via Email, Adsense support comes in forum and phone support. As Adsense has millions of Publishers and Advertisers, so sometimes you just need to search your problem instead of contacting them, as their forum is full of tutorials and solutions.



Have you earned more than $500 on some Advertising networks and hitting up the email for your payments, in-spite you have crossed your payment threshold, and suddenly you come to know that the website is fraud. But here in Adsense not only its genuine, you get your payment as soon as you reach your threshold minimum $100 or you can customise your own threshold.

Adsense comes with the best payment ways you want,

  1. Wire Transfer to Bank Account
  2. Cheque or Check
  3. Others


Featured Image by Flickr under Creative Commons

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