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About: Niraj Kashyap

Hey Inspirers, Welcome to Tricks2Blogging, and let me introduce myself to a wonder person, that’s you. I’m Niraj Kashyap, And I’m the Founder of Tricks2Blogging, I’m a passionate guy, and love computing, Designing, SEO and internet.

I’m a B.COM Graduate by Education and Blogger and Designer by Profession. I finished my schooling in 2010 from ST Mary’s High School and after 5 years Finished my Graduation from Gauhati University in 2015. I started to learn about Blogging & SEO from 2012 and Started this Wonderful blog ” tricks2Blogging” on 21st September 2013, and by the starting of 2014, I completed my Web-Designer Course. While my friends started working and getting jobs in company’s, I decided to be my own BOSS and become a professional blogger.

Niraj Kashyap

Niraj Kashyap


Technology, Computer & gadgets were in my veins since I was a child, I still remember the first day I put my hands on the Internet, and at that time all i Know was Google is Everything. But now I turned my passion into Blogging as a full time profession.

I am a Normal Guy [ Sometimes a Freak], who loves to enjoy the life to its full, loves Travelling, Always smiling & loves crazy Adventure like jumping out of the plane with a parachute. I love talking about Marketing, SEO, Blogging, WordPress and help people in forums like Warrior Forum and Tricks2Blogging Forum. If you got similar qualities, feel free to be friends with me on Google+, Facebook & Twitter

Just after completing my Web-Designing Course, I Founded ” Dzired Studios LLC” a company dedicated for designing websites and wordpress. Under the hood of Dzired Studios LLC, I created some projects like SEOWebCheckup, Genetic Themes.

Here at Tricks2Blogging, I share my Ideas and Secrets that I have acquired in Years through Daily research and Study. I won’t promise to make you a rich guy or a Boom Famous over night, but i could certainly promise that I could set you up with a pretty handsome earning.

What it takes to become a Blogger?

A Million Dollar…. just Kidding, All you need is this

  • Writing Skills
  • Loves Blogging
  • Passionate to Learn
  • Crazy Enough to Try New Things
  • A bit of Money, for getting your domains and Hosting if you want.

If you satisfy all this needs, then I can pretty say that you are the next Future Blogger. Just bookmark our website and follow us on social networks to keep going in the same way.

Here at tricks2Blogging,  I have grown from 0$/month to $500+/month just from blogging. And, the best part I just started this blog about 14 months ago. Isn’t that Great. What are you waiting for, Jump into Blogging but not into a shit like Make $1500 a day, thats something thats not usually right.

My Personal Website: http://NirajKashyap.com

I really appreciate that you came so far reading about me.


Niraj Kashyap