How To Build Backlinks Guide

Google optimisation and search ranking for your website is based on the premises that the more people like your website, visits your website and find it valuable the much higher ranking you deserves in search results. You already know that the only way to get your website on top of that google search is to… Continue Reading

In this tutorial we have made the following demo and download button for blogger and html websites. For blogger they have to follow step by step and for HTML websites they just have to copy and paste the HTML and CSS codes where they want the buttons to appear.   Go To Blogger - Design-… Continue Reading

Want to add an image just before the blogger post title, making it more look and feel like wordpress posts, then here you go. With this little piece of code and a little work of copy, cut and paste you can achieve that awesomeness. If you are using the old Blogger interface: Go to Dashboard… Continue Reading

Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds? Well you are a true blogger if you are reading this posts, Many of our subscriber asked how they can add Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds on their blog{blogspot} to make a automatic loading category, or json category which loads automatically, or for an RSS reader, getting Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds… Continue Reading


Blogger Lovers, we are back for you, running a fantastic blog on, but sometimes misses it features, So here we have brought you an awesome Drop down menu with images having an ajax loading. Now this widget is for blogger and uses BLOGGER JSON feed API and AJAX. This widget makes your BLOGGER Blog… Continue Reading