15 ways to get your Blog In Google

Getting your Blog in Google is the most searched term for a newbie or a newly started website or a blog, but unfortunately very few of them knows the true SEO and the ways to get their websites on Google, as Google never shares the secret or the ways to get your website in theirs… Continue Reading

Tips and Tricks To Increase Adsense Earnings

Hi I am Niraj Kashyap, blogging, Designing and Helping you folks is my passion, I share my thoughts with you all on this blog to help you indirectly or directly and in the previous post i have described why Adsense is the best ads network and now is the second most asked, questioned and discussed topic is How to… Continue Reading

How To Submit and Verify site ownership for Your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools is like a Heart for your website, whether you are running wordpress, tumblr, blogspot , etc. Google Webmaster tools is the gateway where your website and Google interact with each other, webmaster tells the google search algorithm what to do on your website and on the other hand it shows what the algorithm have… Continue Reading