How To Build Backlinks Guide

Google optimisation and search ranking for your website is based on the premises that the more people like your website, visits your website and find it valuable the much higher ranking you deserves in search results. You already know that the only way to get your website on top of that google search is to… Continue Reading

15 ways to get your Blog In Google

Getting your Blog in Google is the most searched term for a newbie or a newly started website or a blog, but unfortunately very few of them knows the true SEO and the ways to get their websites on Google, as Google never shares the secret or the ways to get your website in theirs… Continue Reading

10 Great Tips To Create an Engaging Posts in Facebook Page

So you want to create a Create an Engaging Posts, no matter you are creating it for Facebook or for your website or blog.  Just follow this easy steps and achieve that success, as this steps are posted after deep research by Niraj kashyap for over 3 months. Don't Forget Sharing this post. The backbone of your… Continue Reading

Wordpress comments are closed problem is one of the great problem that wordpress has to deal, and as their is no certain reason why it happens or how to fix it. As earlier Wordpress has another great problem appearing in its Admin area was - WordPress Admin White Screen of Death, which has been resolved… Continue Reading

We all know about YouTube, but do know that youtube is one of the best marketing platform in the world and it is the most visited website in the world that comes after Google. Yes, seems just s free video uploading channel and the most viewed video service on the internet, but competition has grown… Continue Reading


Nowadays, it is very essential to have a online presence, not just online presence, a valuable presence and this can't be achieved much better than having your own website or blog. So if you have created your website or blog to create your online presence or for some other reasons, then its GOOD, but i guarantee… Continue Reading


Fonts we often think about this and just scream. How can i make my Website Beautiful? what rubbish, beautiful design doesn't just comes from great javascript, css, html or jQuery, this all is related with good & great fonts. Yes, you read it right, if you are unaware that unwanted or poor fonts affect your… Continue Reading