The Complete Guide To WordPress : Beginners WordPress Guide

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Welcome to the Exclusive WordPress Guide for Beginners by Tricks2Blogging – Bloggers Who Inspires. Here in this guide we have the complete set of Tutorials and Some Great Discount links that will help you to get started instantly by saving some money. This Guide includes Step by step process where you buy a new domain and get Hosting and Install WordPress, plugins and Set your SEO and hit the Internet Like a Boom.

For existing WordPress Bloggers who already got a domain and Hosting, we have got the main factor specially for you, ” The  The Complete Guide To WordPress : Professional WordPress Guide” which includes optimizing your database, getting indexed in Google faster & Advanced SEO using some great Tools .

This WordPress Guide

This guide is Divided into sections

Section #1 : Getting a Domain & Creating your WordPress blog.
Section #2 : Design And Usability Of Your WordPress Blog.
Section #3 : Essential WordPress plugins after Setting.
Section #4 : How to Get Your Blog in Google & Check its Performance.
Section #5 : Secret Professional SEO tips go Grow fast. SEO Tricks.

includes Step by Step process on

  1. How to get your desired domain & from where
  2. How to Install WordPress within 2 minutes.
  3. Security for your WordPress Blog before you begin.
  4. Essential WordPress Setting after installation.
  5. Essential WordPress plugins after Setting.
  6. How to Get Your Blog in Google & Check its Performance
  7. Secret Professional SEO tips go Grow fast.
  8. SEO Setups.
  9. Backlinking

This guide is constantly updated with the Best practices over the Internet. To keep up to the latest WordPress news and articles , visit our WordPress Catalog


Section #1: Getting a Domain & Creating your WordPress blog (The First step on the Bloggers World)

The first this for you is to get a domain, that is unique & register it saving some money.  Read this post for a Step by Step Guide on Getting a Domain

So after getting the desired domain registered all you need is to get a perfect hosting according to your needs and also that fits your budget. web hosting is where all your files WordPress and your post contents are stored digitally and are called when someone opens your website.  You can buy good hosting that suits your budget from Bluehost or Godaddy which comes with 1 free domain and cost $4.95/month for unlimited transfer, unlimited hosting space, bandwidth and more.

This hardly takes around 5-7 minutes. If you are interested click on the below link & get one hosting package for yourself. Signup for Anyone, Either for Godaddy or Bluehost, both are Good and offer unlimited space, unlimited transfer, unlimited domains & many more.

Here’s a Video Tutorial

How To Register a Perfect Domain

After getting the hosting and domain done, the next step is to install the WordPress blog on your domain and choose some essential settings while installing it, We have included a video tutorial on this process

Now before you begin any further with WordPress, some spammy bots may have seen you and may target your blog, so you need to install  Security for your WordPress Blog.

  • Top 5 Security plugins To install After a Fresh WordPress Installation.

Now as you have got ridden of the unwanted spammy bots, your next step is to begin the Essential WordPress Setting after installation.

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Section #2: Design And Usability Of Your WordPress Blog 

So to design you blog, you need themes to make and feel like a gorgeous, but remember 1 IMPORTANT thing, Don’t choose heavy themes or Nulled Themes just to save your few Dollars. Choosing heavy themes will make it load slower and no one likes a slow loading blog.

  • Why you should not Install Nulled WordPress Theme[coming soon]
  • Why you should not Install Heavy WordPress Themes[coming soon]

We recommended you to use Thesis Framework as Its very light and comes SEO ready right of the box. The price is $87, but we guarantee that this is the best framework for WordPress in the whole world. If you doubt us, check the world’s top websites like Backlinko, Quicksprout and Smart Passive Income all uses Thesis framework and check how stable their blog is and fast.

So get your Thesis Framework now.

If you are not interested in Thesis, their’s another option, its Genesis and its too similar like Thesis. So Buy your Genesis Theme now for $57

Now you should Check,

  • How to Install Thesis Themes and Skins. [coming soon]
  • How to Install Genesis Themes. [ If you have Choose Genesis Framework & Child Themes ][coming soon]
  • How To Install WordPress Themes [ Incase you choose other themes and framework][coming soon]

To make WordPress more functional, you can choose varieties of WordPress plugin, comes for free and Paid.

  • How to Install WordPress Plugin[coming soon]


Section #3: Essential WordPress plugins after Setting

Now as the security of your blog is ready, but is the performance of your blog ready to hit the visitors brain as its the professional blog, instead they think its by some newbie.

  • Install WordPress SEO by yoast [FREE] but if you need more boost in SEO than the Best SEO setting you get from this Premium Plugin – Squirrly SEO Pro.
  • Compress Images by & EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • WP Super cache plugin (This plugin zips everything of your blog and loads the zip in browser, means you see a boom load).
  • W3 Total Cache – For Caching, CDN, Minifying, Optimising,Browser Cache, Object Cache. [Use any one of it, either w3 Total cache or WP Super Cache]
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • WP optimize
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
  • Jetpack by

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Section #4: How to Get Your Blog in Google & Check its Performance

As you have completed the above steps successfully, now its time to add some flares on your blog. This are Recommended steps, do follow to increase your blog ranking. Click on the link for complete tutorial.

  • Register in & burn your feeds to get more subscribers.
  • Register in Google Webmasters to index your Blog in Google
  • Register in Google Analytics to Check the Performance of your blog
  • Register the social account with your Brand name.
  • Create a Google+ Page with Brand’s name.
  • Add new pinging domains in your ping list.
  • Broken link checker plugin


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