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Tricks2Blogging is a blog focused on Quality Content related with Blogging, WordPress, Hosting, Internet Marketing, Tech News, YouTube Productivity, Web Designing, WordPress programming and WordPress services. I am Niraj Kashyap, Founder of Tricks2Blogging, and every content is under my care and protection, and at the same moment I also let other Bloggers, Authors show off their Talent and Write a Guest Post on this Blog.

Royalty free image by flickr</>
Royalty free image by flickr

Our Purpose to do so is to help other bloggers reach out to a new Audience base, and share their talent with over 50,000 daily audience.  Tricks2Blogging is online and screaming over the internet since 2013, and is one of the most popular blogs in India.

To get faster Approval of your submission{post}, we have laid some points and tips that you should follow before submitting your post.


How can you become a Tricks2Blogging Contributor?

I started this as a passion, and always want to help others, and I changed my passion to Professionalism. And i expect everyone who want to be a contributor to out blog feels the same and post quality contents, We don’t want quantity. If you register to be a contributor, you have got this Premium features for Free.

  • Earn money through your Ads code from our Visitors.
  • Show your Social Profiles beneath your posts
  • Earn reputations from others, and create and increase your online presence and value.
  • Got YouTube Profile, with lots of meaningful videos, that we would love, post them on our blog using Video Submission,and earn money through video Ads by Adsense.
  • And lots more….

How we Work

  • Head over to our Homepage, and check out our latest post and categories, tags and what kind of articles we publish.
  • Write a content focused on quality, that teaches or guides other and are valuable resource to readers. AVOID RUBBISHNESS.
  • We don’t accept articles from SEO link Builder or Backlink creators.
  • We really hate spam & Spammers. If we caught anyone Spamming, we don’t even warn them, WE BAN THEM.

Things that we Blindly Accept.

  1. Blogging, Tips & Tricks, Internet Marketing, Programming, WordPress, Food, places and everything you can think of.
  2. Anything related with WordPress and Blogger.
  3. Technology.
  4. How Tos & Do it Yourself.
  5. Money making ideas without Spamming.
  6. SEO Ideas and How To.
  7. Inspirational, Food, places & Art related topics.
  8. Body Maintaining and Beauty Tips


Remember Before Submitting post

Remember this points before your guest post.

  • Article Quality: Your article should be a minimum of 700 words and should cover only the topic with details. Half-cooked content is not accepted.
  • Credit: If you are using images, videos that are Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives and are loyalty free to use till to credit them.
  • Screenshots: Better if using any others video or post, try making your images and video. As images speaks a thousand word then a post itself. if you have Videos, use this form to submit it, Do not host that video anywhere else, as we don’t like same copied content everywhere.
  • Copyright: Everyone’s work is respected here, If you copied content from someone else and have pasted here, then for your kind information we would pleased to let you know that submitted post are run through several software to check about the copied materials, and also by submitting the post on our blog you give us the rights and ownership of that post. As you know about DMCA, this right may help us to deal with any kind of DMCA issues.
  • Feedback & Comment: When you post any article, feedback and comments are appreciated.

How to Submit Article?

We have made this process very simple. Just head over to our registration page and register. And click ” Submit My Post” and Submit it… If your post get approved, and passes all the above requirements, it will be posted in the main content area, and you will be notified by Google+ & Email.

Don’t use any poster bots to submit your articles, if we came to know about that, YOU WILL BE BANNED. Also content monitor is running continuously on our blog, using spamming or blacklisted words like F*C*U*K or anything. You are automatically banned.

If you have any problem contacting us, registering, submitting post or any queries, Use this Contact Form.
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